Medical Fitness

Medical fitness is evidence-based and is often integrated with a healthcare facility, such as a hospital. Clients are overseen by medical professionals as they work toward their fitness goals, and these professionals can help ensure that their clients are meeting those goals in a safe and effective manner.

Who Benefits From a Medical Fitness?

While anyone can benefit from an evidence-based approach to fitness, medical fitness is particularly beneficial to those with pre-existing health conditions, like diabetes or heart disease. Individuals living with these conditions should absolutely work on becoming more fit, but they also have to act with caution. Fad diets or overly ambitious exercise regimens could prove very dangerous for someone living with one of these conditions. Medical oversight ensures that these clients can pursue fitness in a safe manner.

Medical fitness is also ideal for clients who have never before seriously participated in a fitness regimen. Inexperienced clients are in danger of trying to do too much too fast or falling victim to unsafe fads and trends. Medical oversight mixed with proper fitness training can help these clients take their first steps toward an active lifestyle.

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