Muscle Pain

Chronic pain in muscles and joints is commonly minimized or eliminated through Physical Therapy (PT) interventions. Physical Therapy for Shoulders, Knees, Back and Neck Pain aims at promoting healing and restoring function and movement. A pain management specialist may focus on decreasing pain in these areas with either passive or active therapy, including manual therapies, heat/ice packs, electrical stimulation and dry needling.

The most prescribed active physical therapy interventions include movement based activities (including stretching and range of motion exercises), strengthening exercises, pain relief exercises and low-impact aerobic conditioning.

The ultimate PT goals for Shoulder, Knee, Back and Neck Pain include:

  • Enhancing joint flexibility
  • Reducing pain level by targeting the associated muscles
  • Helping the affected muscles relax
  • Preventing further damage to the associated muscles
  • Boosting pain perception and threshold, resulting in less pain and better ability to deal with it
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