Do you want to wake up in the morning without pain in your heel? My father did.

My dad works behind the counter. When you stand all day on your feet you will try anything to get rid of the heel pain including orthotics, physiotherapy and multiple cortisone injections that were both painful and ineffective.

I am a therapist for many years and saw my dad wake up with pain for 2 years. Sometimes the pain got worse, sometimes better, but it was always there. He tried all established courses of treatment. When pain persisted, I decided to step in and help. The result of our collaboration was new ways of movement including effective ways to stretch and unload the heel, reduce stresses and to allow the heel to heal.

After two years of daily complaints the end result was that my dad didn’t have the heel pain anymore! We can do the same thing for your feet including stepped up effective treatment for plantar fasciitis without the need for cortisone injections.

As a result of his treatment success, I was referred dozens of patients to treat.  I was able to up my skills and boil down the  advice to most effective tips for improvement.

If you need treatment for this stubborn problem schedule your session today.

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